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About Us

French Elegance New York is a reputable Interior Designers Atelier [workroom] offering full service in Custom Made Window Treatments, Classic French Wall Upholstery & Soft Home Furnishings to the trade since 1992.

The foundation of this company is based on an innate passion for Home Décor Couture Creativity, a solid knowledge of French Upholstery - "Savior-faire Français" and many years of professional experiences   working in the Textiles, garment and upholstery industries.

Throughout the years we have executed significantly large projects for renowned Elite Interior Designers, Architects and Home 0wners with discerning eyes for excellence; nationally and internationally and in doing so we have earned their trust & respect for exquisite craftsmanship, attention to details and unsurpassed customer service.

And therefore, we'll be delighted to be of service to you as well.


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