This Christmas Tree Skirt is Modern, Chic and meticuliously crafted in our workroom, without doubt it will definately enchance any Christmas Décor.

Look closely at each video to observe the shimmering effect of the sequences but it's more magical under the Christmas Tree and fairy lights.


Your Christmas Tree Skirt will be the envy of your Guests and a conversation


Christmas Tree Skirt

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    This Christmas Tree Skirt was made with Embroidered Lace and the colors are rich royal blue and silver.  It was lined with matching color lining, has covered button and loops for closure.  The top is gathered for a rich fullness  and the length is 23"

    To show off your tree-skirt I recommend to set the Christmas Presents to both sides of the tree and allow skirt to make her statement.

    Dry or Spot cleaning is recommended.


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